The internet will be everywhere, and it will change everything.

This is a response to the article here: I suggest reading it before reading this response.

I think he is correct for the majority of the article, but the wheels start to come off when he starts talking about how the boat will take control and stop him from hurting himself. Connecting everything to the internet doesn’t mean that it gets to control us. We have to use the data wisely. Improve how we deal with the world around us? Yes. Stop us from dealing with it? No.

It shouldn’t control our lives, it should enhance and expand it. Technology can’t replace the uniquely human drive to push boundaries. If we rely on technology to keep us safe, we become complacent. We stop exploring, stop adventuring, stop learning things that you can only learn by doing something incredibly stupid. Sometimes the rewards are worth the risk, and sometimes we should do something just to see if we can.

Discovery often rides at the ragged edge of common sense. If we let technology keep us away from risk, where will reward come from?

We are unique, and nothing can replace our passion. We have to use technology as fuel to drive us forward, letting our hearts and imagination lead us forward. Tech should never hold us back! It should push us forward! Help us be better, give us the tools to come together and make the world a better place!

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