Information is important

I am beginning to appreciate just how much access to information means to our lives. I have been researching many different careers in the last several years, and the amazing amount of information available has allowed me to eliminate multiple careers paths from consideration. As someone with ADHD, choosing a career that challenges me and keeps me interested is extremely important. If something doesn’t interest me, my brain just won’t work. Without the internet, I very easily could have down a path that would not have interested me. This would have led to low performance, unhappiness, wasted time, and damage to my career.

The internet provides us the opportunity to improve ourselves. Let’s take advantage of the amazing amount of information available to us and learn and grow and make better decisions. We cannot decide what time we are given upon this earth, all we can do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us. Let’s make the most of it, let’s be intentional with what we do, and let’s use the information available to us to make the best decisions we can. We owe it to the past generations of people who strived for knowledge and were denied.

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