We can’t all know everything

Look, I get it. Computers and the internet are scary. I mean, I work with them all day every day, and they confound me on a regular basis! Here’s the thing though, don’t let that stop you from exploring. They aren’t going anywhere, and there are lots of people who are happy to answer your questions. Like me, for example! Send me your questions, your worries and your fears. I’ll talk about them, answer them all. Remember, a faint heart…doesn’t…win stuff…I guess. I don’t actually know how it goes. Maybe one of you kind readers can answer that question for me? Let’s make this a two way street. Let’s go!

2 thoughts on “We can’t all know everything

  1. It’s something like “Faint heart never wins fair lady”. What I’ve been wondering lately is: What do servers do, and how does someone make their own and invite others to join them to play Minecraft? And how do comments get “screened” for content?

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    1. Thanks for the questions! Servers are hardware (or software, in the case of a virtual server) that contain a specifically configured environment. What this means in Minecraft is that someone creates their own Minecraft world. They define the rules for the world and what players can and can’t do. The creator can also manage who has access to the server, and what rights the player has. I don’t know the exact steps to do this in Minecraft, but the concept is the same across multiple platforms.
      As for screening comments, that means that the comments have to approved before they are viewable to the public. For instance, I had to approve your comment before others could see it. It helps keep out spam and trolls.

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