Systeming the game

China is building a game that gives you points for acting like a good little communist. Behave, and you get faster internet, better loan terms, and other perks. Misbehave, and get ready for the slow lane of life. Associate with good patriots, and get bonus points. Non-conforming friends will drag down your score, so be careful who you associate with. It’s like a credit score for your life. It’s evil, pervasive societal control dressed up as a game. Here’s a video that talks about it:

America is about 70% there.  We already map relationships, monitor communications and activities. It’s just lacking a friendly interface and a point system. 

I don’t believe that the ultimate goal of our surveillance system is to implement a program like China’s, I just want to point out that the tools are the same. Remember that we are the government, we are the gatekeepers, and we have to be vigilant. 

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