Seeing is believing

As I wrote about in my last post, VR is going to change all kinds of things. The visuals have reached the point where our brain actually thinks what we are seeing is real. That is a great thing for all kinds of applications. I want to talk about one thing that isn’t great about it. 

Last post, I talked about being immersed in a crowd, feeling the emotion and the energy. There is danger in that, the immersion may be so persuasive and emotional that it becomes the reality. But it’s only one side of the story. What if the other perspective doesn’t have VR? Their story may be less emotional and thrilling, but it’s still a story that needs to be heard. We have to be careful to not take the exciting and thrilling as truth. Truth is often the middle ground between two fantasies. Remember that while what we can see is important, it is not the whole picture. We need to seek out other sources of information beyond the thrilling immediacy of our eyes. VR is a great tool, let’s be careful not to rely on it to much, or wield it carelessly. 

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